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and leverage internet technology for increased profits and improve communication with their customers.

"Life is too short to everyday wake up and hate what you do." ~ Jason Olson

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Risk The Unusual

Take strategic risks & don't settle for ordinary!

Financial Freedom = Passive Monthly Income that exceeds your monthly expenses.

Passive / Residual Income is income you earn every month without having to trade time for it.

3 Strategies to Build Passive Residual Income:

Strategy #1 = The Ultimate Website Builder Tool

The Ultimate All-In-One Digital Marketing Platform Website Builder Tool

How many consultants, business owners, marketers, & sales people need & want to sell something online?

This website building tool has a great affiliate program:

Why build & use a sales funnel to market your business online?

★★★ GREAT Customer Retention = Stable Monthly Residual Income ★★★

Strategy #2 = Premium Wine Club

Refer 3 customers, & your 4 bottles of wine each month are FREE!!

What will you do with your opportunity this month?


Contact Jason Olson if you have questions or want to discuss passive income strategies.

Strategy #3 = Essential Nutrition Education & Supplements

Wealth w/o health is pointless!

Healthy habits, including clean eating, nutritional supplementation, & exercise should be part of your life plan.

Take the Healthy Body Challenge!
90 Essential Nutrients for a Healthy Life

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